I am here to help you become a better partner for your horse. In helping you become a horseman, I in turn can help your horse. Horses are what this website is all about. We all love them, now lets learn to communicate with them. I can show you how to connect with your horse/s, in a way you will not believe, and it won’t be hard, it will just require you to commit to your horse. In as little as 15 minutes a day you too can become a super horseman(woman). LOL. Please let me help you on this Journey. I am a Dennis Reis, Endorsed Instructor, I am endorsed to teach three of his four levels of horsemanship. I do Clinics, at my house or yours, just call for details. I am available for phone consultations anytime. If you don’t ask you can’t learn. Keep checking back, because I will continue to update this website with upcoming clinics, or tour stops I will be at. I am also available for private lessons, or evaluations for Dennis’s tour stops.

Give your kids a fun & exciting summer activity where they will be safe and learn about our favorite topic, the horse!

For Ages 7-18
June 24-28 ♦ July 8-12 ♦ July 22-26
Monday – Friday ♦ 8am – 4pm
Lunch and Horses Included